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Ginny Victory

CPA  | |  Stanford Instructor

 I free new millennial leaders & teams to be and create the change they want to see in the world. Today. By bringing clarity in chaos, tools for navigating complexity and catalyzing their contribution to their company, industry, economy and society.

Yes, Victory is my legit birth certificate name and birthright and it's yours too.  Maximize your business & family success from the inside out:
on-purpose, influential & profitable. 


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I work with...


Leadership, Ease, Effectiveness



I take new millennial leaders (of all ages) from breaking point to tipping point. 


What Pilates is for the body, The CORE Zone is for your leadership:

centered, clear-minded, getting the right things done, right now - with the right people; effective in influence and empowering others.

Gaining the ease, energy and earnings you've fought for.


Purpose and freedom from the powerhouse of your CORE Zone.



Structure, Earnings, Agility


Stop the bleed out of your energy, money and time. Release your team to operate from their CORE Zones: empowered in company culture & structure, owning their core genius, in right relationship with you and each other and getting the right things done = exceeding deliverables.  


Freeing you to influence and impact at the next level in your CORE Zone + not missing a meaningful moment in your life. 


The Force

Connection, Strategy, Legacy 


Join a community of global leaders who know The Force is with them and are a force to be reckoned with in their industry, economy and society. 


By this point, you are dialed into your CORE Zone and are craving an elite community of vice squad worthy change makers to reconnect, refuel, strategize and collaborate with to bring heaven to earth through business and family

My proprietary framework
get into your CORE Zone
on-purpose, influential, profitable 
enjoying freedom, family & fun 
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What clients are saying

Norma Rapko Vargas

artist, inventor, entrepreneur

From people-pleasing and losing thousands per month with her manufacturer who did not meet demand

To engaging her feminine core to set and hold real boundaries and ultimately release this provider trusting another opportunity to arise.  Immediately she received an offer of better manufacturing terms, recouped losses, met demand with extra capacity and won a space in Michaels to sell her Crystyler patented design tool.

Stacy: Director 
USA Pro Sports Team

From a desk in the basement corner of her arena, discouraged with company culture and being overlooked, started job hunting.

To tapping into her innate leadership abilities to say no to an outside opportunity that was not a fit and pitching and winning a department project that grew into a corporate-wide initiative led by the newly promoted Stacy.  Including a 50% pay increase.

Leslie: Owner
Coldstone Creamery

From discovering fraud in the purchase financials and a 5-figure  per month loss...

To 5-figure per month profit by embracing her purpose to generate hope for the community, team and customers. Leslie trusted her CORE to streamline processes; negotiate better terms with vendors; implement and hold-to systems, policies and procedures; invest in her team; raise prices and partner with local non-profits for win-win-win-wins! A beacon of hope and the downtown gathering place for all ages.

Ginny has a razor sharp business mind
with the ability to see inside your soul.

Lori Bryon 

Corporate PR

Founder: Famous in Your Field

Work With Ginny

Ginny is a unique combination of 
left and right brain contributor;
supporting me in growing my business
and become a more centered and 
effective leader. 

Pamela Roach


Breakthrough Technology Group

[marketing + 6sigma consulting]

Featured clientele

Facilitating leadership & team reformation

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BUS 159 Stanford


Entrepreneur Conference


Design-Thinking Co-Mod

Ginny, your gift is being a Sanctuary
[asylum, amnesty, accelerator],
you are freedom to all you meet.

Laura Berman-Fortgang

author, TED speaker and featured on Oprah

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Ginny Victory is a catalyst for the new millennial leader pioneering much- needed transformation in their spheres of influence.  She is a purpose-leadership expert on a mission to transform outdated, dysfunctional leadership styles by engaging and equalizing to the innate, healthy masculine and feminine uniqueness each of us brings to the table for real solutions the world needs now.  Aligning leaders to their conscience and convictions; true gifts and genius; and into right relationship with self, others and the work they are here to do; Ginny frees new millennial leaders to be the change they want to see in the world. Bringing clarity in chaos, tools for navigating complexity and catalyzing their contribution and reformation to bring heaven to earth in their company, industry and economy.


With over 25 years of change leadership experience in public accounting, human resources and as an entrepreneur, Ginny has developed the CORE Zone IP/framework and served over 1600 leaders in multiple industries including founders in Silicon Valley and featured on Shark Tank and HSN to generate solid financials, healthy organizational culture and structure and leadership strength in the marketplace and at home. 

Ginny is an Instructor for Stanford Continuing Studies advising Silicon Valley professionals; has been featured in Online Marketing Manager Magazine and in Smart Women Embrace Transitions: How to Lean into Change with Your Body, Mind and Soul; and is invited to speak on various podcasts,  associations and platforms.

Victory is her legit birth certificate name and she is a passionate advocate for maximizing success and living life from a place of full agency, authenticity and personal authority. Ginny also supports various organizations engaged in ending human trafficking, abuse and domestic violence + restoring and empowering those who have been impacted by those injustices.

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