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Why Reform Leadership? 

Masculine Styles

Y’know how we’ve been taught that hard core masculine leadership styles get results? Right?

They don’t.  They end up forcing us into a box we were never meant to serve out of  ~ stripping us of our innate leadership abilities along with our margin and impact.

Inauthentic Tactics

We’ve followed the leadership teachings, done all the right things, checked off all the boxes AND are carrying a heavier mental load than ever, other’s loads too.   Under high performance pressure we resort to inauthentic leadership tactics that range from playing politics to being demanding to people-pleasing. And we wonder why we don't have the influence, impact or outcomes we want plus we are leaking energy, expertise and the margin we’ve earned and need for a full and fulfilling life.


I work with new millennial leaders to bring you back to the powerhouse of the CORE Zone: equalizing the hard core masculine and the feminine to lead from Conviction, Owning true gifts and strengths, in Right relationship with yourself and others + getting the Right things done; to have the influence and impact on the solutions that the world needs right now and gaining more Ease, Energy, time and Earnings.

Highlighted Clients

Norma Rapko Vargas

artist, inventor, entrepreneur

From people-pleasing and losing thousands per month with her manufacturer who did not meet demand. 

To engaging her feminine core to set and hold real boundaries and ultimately release this provider trusting another opportunity to arise.  Immediately she received an offer of better manufacturing terms, recouped losses, met demand with extra capacity and won a space in Michaels to sell her Crystyler patented design tool.

Lori Byron

Corporate PR

Famous in Your Field PR

Stacy: Director 

USA Pro Sports Team

From a desk in the basement corner of her arena, discouraged with company culture and being overlooked, started job hunting.

To tapping into her innate leadership abilities to say no to an outside opportunity that was not a fit and pitching and winning a department project that grew into a corporate-wide initiative led by the newly promoted Stacy.  Including a 50% pay increase.

Pamela Roach
CEO: Breakthrough Technology Group  [6-Sigma + Marketing]

Leslie: Owner Coldstone Creamery

From discovering fraud in the purchase financials and a 5-figure  per month loss...

To 5-figure per month profit by embracing her purpose to generate hope for the community, team and customers. Leslie trusted her CORE to streamline processes; negotiate better terms with vendors; implement and hold-to systems, policies and procedures; invest in her team; raise prices and partner with local non-profits for win-win-win-wins! A beacon of hope and the downtown gathering place for all ages.

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