Rebecca Rescate: Serial Entrepreneur

Featured on Shark Tank Venture Capital TV show 2x

Rebecca is a mompreneur who creates high quality products for great value.


San Jose, CA

This executive has chosen to be anonymous.  she came to me for leadership/executive presence and has gained core strength for increased respect, credibility and impact, high risk decision-making, competitive/strategic initiatives & been promoted to VP while strengthening bonds/relationships and vision at home with spouse and kids

Romy Taormina: Founder Psi Bands

Shark Tank Venture Capital TV Show guest

Out of her own need, Romy created a new accupressure point cuff to eliminate nausea (from motion sickness, pregnancy, medical treatment, etc) that is both practical and beautiful!


Stanford Educator & Entrepreneur

Palo Alto, CA

This client chose to be anonymous - they are carving out a new space in design and creative thinking to impact the life arc of human existence with one key underpinning - a compass to direct the path.  She is also balancing this calling with that of her family.  

Suzanne Gabli

Founder, Executive Director, International Advocate and Speaker

Suzanne founded Building Blocks School on the basis of the Reggio Emelia model of living.  Reggio is a city in Italy that put community and children first.  A strong emphasis on nature and natural brain wiring, self-leadership, collaboration, long-term projects, play and rest for preschoolers!  Strong foundation for the future.


Kristi Pavlik

Founder, Consultant, CEO

Kristi founded and is scaling an organization that provides both strategic and tactical support to growing solopreneurs to reach their dream and maximum impact.

Interior Designer

Consultant, Designer, Artist

Interior Designer discovering her own interior design and treasure as she builds her business and raises her daughter and begins to dream and live again to the praise of glory. 

Norma Rapko Vargas

Featured on HSN and a 2014 Emmy Sponsor

Norma is a designer, artist, inventor - she makes jewelry, home decor appointments and designed the Crystyler - a new tool to embed crystals into any item.  She believes in vintage treasures and  making the world a more beautiful place.

Catherine Poirer

Founder and Designer

Out of her own need for a layer of "bark" or skin to lay between she and scratchy clothing Catherine discovered that the sustainable Beech fabric was the softest of fabrics + high quality in color, durability and shaping.  She creates sophisticated designs to wear under/with any fashion for any event.

Leslie Kusek

Franchise Owner, Marketing Consultant

Purchased, rebuilt and then sold a Cold Stone Creamery Franchise in a hip, upscale Michigan city - redeeming it's previous mainstreet reputation and strengthening the local economy and community.  Selling at just the right time for the best of everyone involved.  Wife, mom and masters student, Leslie is also a marketing consultant. 


Madeleine Dechy - MERCI Massage

Founder, CEO, Massage Therapist

Wife and mom of 5 Madeleine has grown a successful massage practice from scratch - scaling to a team of 5 and 3 satellite locations while keeping her priorities of family, joy and peace. 

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