How Would You Like Me to Personally Walk You Through The exact game plan our amazing clients are using to remain totally aligned to their purpose and power, grow their influence, their income and create a bigger impact without pretending to be someone they're not.

(even if you think you'll never have "it" all figured out)


In this Lead Your Life Story Intensive you will: 

Author the big 3: your professional (and personal) portfolio, purpose pathway and plan. 


How to stay true to your author-ity to be the change, enjoy dinner with the family and make your mark.  

Discover why being on-purpose is the key to staying clear, focused and making challenging course-corrections no matter what comes your way. 

Engage the powerhouse of your CORE to create clarity, certainty and consistency in the face of change, option-overwhelm and chaos. 

See why vision boards don't work for everyone and the one secret that allows your future business and life to unfold before you. 

Reclaim your history, live fully alive in the present and generate your aligned action plan to accelerate your desired future. 

Purpose is Power 

Portfolio, Pathway, P lan

Lead the Future

Late August 2019 

 Holiday Edition

Ginny Victory

CPA, Executive Coach, Stanford Instructor

Ginny Victory is an expert in working with entrepreneurial leaders to tap into their unique CORE power to stay on-purpose and unstoppable in growing their respect and recognition; influence & impact; peace & profits while enjoying their people. She's worked with over 1200 leaders in tech/clean energy, design, finance/VC, sports/wellness, marketing/media, plus founders in Silicon Valley and featured on Shark Tank 

to achieve their vision of victory.