Authentic Leadership   ~   Master Your Mindset

alignment ~ accountability ~ action

 for your core vision & plan

   starting July 17 2017

13 weeks





Welcome & Overview

Your Victory Begins Within

Your vision of victory

CORE Connection Strategic Planning






Where are you now?  



Lies and Truth

CORE Conditioning: 9 mindsets, tools and strategies 



What's your vision?





Trust Yourself:
align your mindset and engage your 7 Intelligences

Integrate and prioritize life and work goals, timeframes, resources and measurements

Discern CORE muscles (authenticity) to engage 

Determine mindsets, tools, strategies to leverage

Custom design your unique pathway to victory



Focus on Vision:
align your mindset and engage your Driving Motivation (flame)



Mind your own Business:
align your mindset and engage your Needs



Set Standards:
align your mindset and engage your Values




Custom Design and Build:
align your mindset and engage your Strengths






Speak Your Truth:
align your mindset and engage your Voice 




Be in Community:
align your mindset and engage your Mission




Know Your Value:
align your mindset and engage your Purpose






CORE Connection ~ Victory Begins Within: 
align your mindset and engage I AM
Engaging your CORE:  learning the CORE Connectors to keep you engaged and fit for life!  


Authentic Leadership: align your mindset and...
own, believe, leap, receive: rejoice, recalibrate, rest


How to create your CORE Connection strategic plan of action for 2017 and beyond.  A holistic plan that integrates life and business and engages and leverages the powerhouse of your CORE to overcome and be victorious in all things.  To have life and have it to the full.   


Join us this summer for a small-group coaching community

(each group capped at 12 participants)



13 weekly small-group sessions

teaching, coaching, transformation, results

(see above)


~meet remotely~

you can be anywhere in the world

times to be customized to each group


 navigate your vision of success to victory


connection, balance, performance, happiness

through 2017 and beyond 



6 1-1 sessions 

13 weekly remote meetings 

(3-pay of $495)


3 1-1 sessions

13 weekly remote meetings

(3-pay of $360)


13 weekly remote meetings

(2-pay of $275)




call me to register

and for any questions 


we receive paypal, credit and debit cards





It is such an honor to work with you to help you gain core strength for life and work victories

I hope you join us this summer! 

with love,





~ we are happy to work out payment plans or sliding scale as well ~