1 Day Workshop: Dream with God

Your Victory Begins Within ~ discover/strengthen your why

The CORE Connection : 9 core facets/9 core strategies/9 core truths

Gratitude, miracle, blessing and vision boarding at Hana House in Palo Alto


Authentic Leadership - your why

strengthen your core: spirit . soul . body

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13 weeks


Where are you now?  I AM.....



Lies and Truth

Mindfulness and Mindsets ~ what gets in the way of success ~ what really propels you to success

I AM made in the image of The Great I AM: your Identity and Purpose in Him

9 Core Strengths: Psalm 139 I AM unique and wonderful; I AM more precious than rubies~why you are here




CORE Strength: 7 Pillars of Wisdom


Your brain is the CPU of YOU and there are 7 steps in the processing order for anything we do: create, make memories, build relationships, grieve, explore/learn, make decisions, etc.   We have 7 brain lobes that each of the steps process through:  each of us processes through the 7 steps in the order that your brain is wired.  Learn your brain lobe processing order to bring a quickening, clarity and blessed assurance in all of life's decisions and experiences. Trust God and you! 


CORE Strength: Olympic Torch Why(tm) 


Your Olympic Torch Why is your driving motivator, your primary motivation, your greatest need.  Thus it being of Olympic Torch intensity, importance and influence.  It is why you are motivated to action: either conscious/deliberate action or subconscious/reaction.  The Romans 12 motivational gifts and a few other tools will help to uncover, purify and strengthen the way God wired you to be moved.  


CORE Strength: Needs


Your needs are the infrastructure and fuel of you.  Without an awareness of and focus on your needs you will be continuously striving and burning out v choosing actions from and acting in rest.  Peace.  The Text says to carry your own load and to mind your own business:  a command. a mandate. permission. health. 


CORE Strength: Values


Your values are your plumbline: how you create your life, household environment, business culture, your communities, your priorities, your decisions.  Strengthen your CORE Values muscle and strengthen your decision-making. 


CORE Strength: Strengths


Your strengths are your raw talents, natural gifts:  they are either sitting dormant within your core or they are strong through education and experience.  They are not necessarily your skills, credentials or reputation:  they can be but not always so.  We will make these distictions and uncover your true strengths ~ the ones that refresh and fulfill you when you engage them in service for others. 



CORE Strength: Voice


Your voice is many things:  what you think, what you say to yourself, how you say it in tone, your expression of yourself in words, action, fashion, spouse, webcopy, relationships, etc.  It is a powerful force in your life:  it creates life or death:  learn your true voice so you can choose to speak and create life in all arenas of your life and work.  



CORE Strength: Mission


Your mission is your calling, what most people think of as purpose.  It is the impact you want to have with your actions.  The difference you make by doing.  By using your CORE strengths.  It is most closely tied with your Olympic Torch Why(tm) your driving motivation and ultimately ties up to Kingdom mandates and the ultimate reason for being here: to bring Him pleasure and glory.   


CORE Strength: Purpose


Your purpose is the impact of your existence, your being, your presence.  It is with you wherever you go and makes an impact long before you DO anything.  It is why you are here:  it is your unique way of bringing the Presence of God from heaven to earth through your earthen vessel/temple.  It is the deepest connection you have with the Trinity.  


CORE Strength: I AM


I AM made in the image of The Great I AM, Who Christ is so am I in this world, In Him we live and move and have our being.  We are image bearers of the Father, Son and Spirit.  This is our spiritual act of worship, the practice of the Presence in the daily life and work. 

We will integrate the other 8 CORE Strengths into one picture in this session....so you can begin to see the whole picture of you.  Your Why ~ when you are you , you feel His pleasure.  

Authentic leadership.  Genuine, God-given Success.



CORE Connection: Vision Begins Within
Dreaming with God:
What does His Word say?  What do you expect?
What are the desires He gave you? What do you want?
interacting, listening, reflecting, knowing, weighing, sensing, painting, believing, speaking...  
He gave you the desires of your heart when He formed you in the secret place, now...is the time to receive them.  Ps 139/Ps 37:4
your what ~ what you want....  next week is how to get there....your plan




CORE Lifestyle: Vision to Victory ~ your plan


How to create your CORE Connection strategic plan of action for 2017 and beyond.  A holistic plan that integrates life and business and engages and leverages the powerhouse of your CORE to overcome and be victorious in all things.  To have life and have it to the full.   


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