CORE Offerings


Designed to Tell you the Truth ~ about who you are and your heart's desire, destiny.  In a holistic way: Spirit, Soul, Body Integrating life and business vision and goals into one strategic and financial plan to ensure a life of connection, balance, performance and happiness.  Check out what I have to offer here and the free resources for do-it-yourself on the next steps page and then contact me when you're ready to work with me directly! 

executive intensive: grow you
reassess, reconnect, rejuvenate 

Executives, Individuals, Entrepreneurs, Leaders  //  1-1 Coaching + Pilates practice 


You're responsible for growing your organization - hitting strategic goals, growing your team, even your family.  This retreat is for you ~ get away to the beautiful Carmel Valley Ranch for a 3.5 day retreat.  Includes 1-1 business and life coaching + Pilates, lodging, meals, massage. Enjoy the 500 acre playground as you reassess, reconnect, rejuvenate and reset for the season ahead.   


Bespoke experience designed for your unique business and life vision. 

Coaching & Consulting:
for your business and life


Executives, Individuals, Entrepreneurs //  1-1 and Group Coaching


  • Strengthen your CORE: Spirit, Soul and Body 

  • Create a CORE Connection(tm) strategic and financial plan to integrate and prioritize business and life goals

  • Uncover and Polish your CORE: Values, Mission, Purpose, Motivation, Strengths, Brain-Lobe Wiring, Needs and Voice

  • Strengthen your: vision, mindset, decision-making, standards, systems/policies/procedures, team, communications, copy, negotiations, products, marketing, sales, brand, leadership.

Workshops, Speaking, Retreats

topics offered:

  • Navigating Your Vision of Success to Victory

  • Vision Boarding & Celebration Boarding

  • Overcoming Limiting Beliefs: shifiting mindsets

  • Making the CORE Connection(tm) Living in Truth

  • CORE Conditioning: Decision-Making, Communication, Organizational Development, Marketing and Sales, Branding

  • Money Happens.  Is it Happening for You? (financial planning)

  • Unveil Your Unique Path to Victory (basics of strategic planning)

  • Finding Balance: Work/Life Integration





I teach Pilates at CORE Fitness Company in S San Jose, CA.  It is a studio focused on making Pilates accessible to all.  The owner's focus is on the Reformer machine - giving clients an all-around body workout - targeting the core - that ensures variety and challenge. Call 408-363-1200


I also provide 1-1 Pilates at your home or office.  And welcome any invitations to teach Reformer classes at your company, if local to Silicon Valley.

Call 734-710-9639


My certification is through the PhysicalMind Institute (NYC) in:

mat, standing and equipment Pilates ~ since 2005


Previous studios:   Real Results Training and Intelligent Exercise in Michigan