Authentic Leadership ~ your success

strengthen your core: Spirit. Soul. Body

strategic vision, purpose and plan + pilates

 all-inclusive 3.5 day executive intensive

Carmel Valley Ranch: Carmel.California

Executives & Entrepreneurs 
Bespoke Coaching Intensive 


Reassess  ~  Reconnect  ~  Rejuvenate  ~  Revision  ~  Ready  ~  Rejoice  

Reassess ~ prepare

Prepare for your 3.5 day intensive

complete 2 questionnaires:

~2017 Needs/Desires/Goals 

~Current Reality 

90 minute call with Ginny to custom create your bespoke executive coaching intensive and select January 2017 dates.


Reconnect ~ day 1
begin your retreat with refreshment ~ a healthy meal 

an evening of reflection and celebration

30 minutes Pilates: breathe, stretch, connect 

90 minutes executive coaching 

Your  2016 ~ accomplishments, victories,

best moments/memories, blessings

Rejuvenate & Revision ~ day 2 ~ why
enjoy 3 healthy meals, executive coaching, Pilates and the 500 acre playground


today we will revisit your core muscles:

purpose, mission, voice, strengths, values, needs, motivations, intelligence & intuition wiring 

authentic leadership is who you are at your CORE ~ focusing on your Soul CORE ensures your moral compass is set to True North for victory in family and business no matter the circumstances, pressure, visibility, stakes. 


3 - 90 minute sessions to focus on your top areas of core strength conditioning 



What's possible?

What do you expect?

90 minutes to re-cast vision, destiny and direction. we will begin to integrate all aspects of career and life, prioritize

3 - 15-minute Pilates practices: posture, engagement, focus 


Carmel Valley Ranch is a 500 acre resort that you are free to enjoy during your intensive:  
schedule your 80 minute massage, sign up for a guided hike, visit the chef's garden, swim or relax in the salt water hot tub, sign up for golf or tennis, read in the lodge or on the patio, stroll through the vineyard ~ make the most of your environment for your reflection, restoration, refocus ~  your bespoke coaching experience  includes the space for rest and play to be and do your best while here and for integration at home....
Ready ~ day 3 ~ how
enjoy 3 healthy meals, executive coaching, Pilates and the 500 acre playground
Mindset:  reset what's going on behind the scenes to supercharge your progress 
Set Strategy: integrate life and business goals; customize tools and resources for your success
leverage tools:  sales, marketing, presence/visibility, team/systems/policies, culture and practices, schedule and stewarding resources, staying motivated, confident decision-making and clear, honoring, impactful communication
Bespoke Plan:  custom design your best planning style and design for your mindsets, milestones, goals, actions, resources, accountability, tracking and celebration
4 - 90 minute coaching sessions 
3 -  15-minute Pilates practices:  presence, precision, flow
Rejoice ~ day 4 
enjoy a healthy meal, executive coaching, Pilates and the 500 acre playground
Life and life to the full:
Create a lifestyle of awe, gratitude, celebration and inspiration 
2 hours coaching ~ includes 15 minutes Pilates practice: integration 
Returning to your truth and strength gives you the courage to be an authentic leader in any situation, the power to experience victory in all circumstances and the ongoing refueling to realize your dreams.
2 - 90 minute sessions within the first month upon your return home to recalibrate and refocus. 


all-inclusive 3.5 day executive intensive

at the beautiful Carmel Valley Ranch


hiking, horseback riding, golf, spa, garden, lodge, pool, vineyard 


3 nights 

8 healthy meals

an 80 minute massage

business and life visioning 2017

 customized core connection strategic planning

20 hours of executive coaching + daily pilates practice 

with Ginny Victory

Executive Coach, CPA, Stanford Educator

certified Pilates instructor 


connection, balance, performance. happiness

once reserved, fee is non-refundable 





It is such an honor to work with authentic leaders to help you gain core strength for life and work victories

with love,



you will need to make your own travel arrangements to Silicon Valley or Carmel, California

~ we will arrange transportation from the airport upon request ~