Silicon Valley Leaders :  on mission

executive coaching with:
Stanford Authentic Leadership Instructor
6 teaching/group coaching calls
+ one private coaching session 
be on mission in community, in corporate and across-cultures 


Your Mission Begins Within

your CORE : authentic leadership 

integration:  truth, strength, on mission 

reality check/ setting professional and personal goals

Introductions and creating community! 





Vision to Victory: in community, in corporate and across cultures

Habits to transformation: neuroscience of change 

Celebration and Expectation


Your CORE: Mission

Discover or fine tune YOUR unique impact in the world

Superheros, Princesses, Villians, Victory and epic adventure

Individual Coaching: your mission
Schedule your 90 minute session
Personal attention to excavate and strengthen your unique wiring for mission 
The power of authentic leadership in the marketplace, at home and around the world

Make a Statement

make the mission statement:  yours, at home, at work, across cultures

speak it, share it, live it in community, in corporate, & cross-culturally 



Applications & Impact
lead from within - true  north, quote the book, tie to stanford  and harvard leadership
community, corporate, cross-cultural applications 
leave a legacy: everyday impact 


Your strategic plan 

CORE integration, mission, community, vision : authentic leadership

How to create your CORE Connection strategic plan of action for 2017 and beyond.  A holistic plan that integrates life and business and engages and leverages the powerhouse of your CORE to overcome and achieve your vision of victory.  


Join us this spring for a small-group coaching community

(each group capped at 16 participants)

On Mission: SiliconValley Leaders 



6 weekly group calls

one 90 min 1-1 coaching call 




I hope you join us this spring,