I’m Ginny Victory and I'm so delighted you’re here!! 


I’ve compiled what I think are the essentials of what you need to get to know me, know the process I use (structured and customized goodness that it is), know my clients, and get to know you: where you are, what you need and to decide if we’re a good fit.  If I’m the partner for you right now.


Get to know me:

Ginny Victory.  Yes, my stage name is my real name.  Everyone asks, so I thought you’d like to know. 


I live in the Bay Area in California: San Jose to be specific.  And I love it!  It suits me and who I am beautifully.  Sunshine, mountains, ocean, diversity of people, activities, a hub of business and health and leisure and thought and design.  It’s naturally integrated and is conducive to me living the integrated life I’m (we all are) wired for. 


As the property here is incredibly expensive, I choose to live with others: in community.  Based on my brain-lobe wiring it makes sense.  My interpersonal lobe processes out number 2 out of 7 so it’s important for me to be with others regularly.  I also believe that like the beautiful redwoods in our local forests; that we thrive when we reach tall toward heaven and our roots are deep and interconnected with one another.

On any given day you can find me on an adventure in any or many of these ways: coaching business clients, hiking, working with life coach clients, at the farmers market, running a workshop, napping, at the ocean, writing, exploring a new city, sightseeing, making dinner and laughing with friends, celebrating grace and love and truth at Charis School, laughing, training Pilates clients, catching up with family on the phone and facebook, at Whole Foods juicing or enjoying a smoothie, volunteering with my Journey family as MC, or my Rep family as host or strategist, or any number of Bay Area Anti-Trafficking – pro freedom projects, ballroom dancing, enjoying art and design, or  creating new adventures!   


See the Ginny page for my bio, credentials, and professional experience

Get to know the process I use:


Check out the Next Steps page for freeeee goodness.  You can create your own Success Plan with those resources!


Get to know my clients:

Check out the Clients and Success Stories page (in addition to the stories embedded in the Next Steps resources) to see who I’ve worked with, and what they are up to!


Get to know you, where you are and what you need:


The  Next Steps resources are designed to be self-directed coaching...if you want to dig in on your own, you’ll learn so much, grow, and see yourself taking action toward your dreams.  If you want me to partner with you… check out the CORE Offerings page to see which services are a fit for you in this season!


When you’re ready to invest in coaching and check our fit or just ready to get started:


Use the Contact page to connect with me to set up a complimentary session, or for workshop, speaker and media requests.  Or to share how the Next Step resources were a catalyst toward your victories. 


With Love and Strength,